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Two Rails on a Destination Yacht

We always love to receive photos and testimonies from our customers. This 2-Rail installation is on a Destination Yacht. It is a great demonstration of how you can position the Rail close to your slide. The width of modern 3-seaters is over 4 feet. But the Rail tubes are only 16.5 inches (full dimensions are in the FAQ's). When you tilt the Rails up, all they need to do is clear the slide and not interfere with shoulder room at the top of the slide.

Additionally, if the only place available on your swim platform is over your ladder, that is no problem with our Tilt-Up Design. With your PWC unloaded and your Rails tilted up, you can use your ladder just like always!!!

Greetings from Lake Mead Nevada!

This is a report and pictures about the PWC Rails we purchased from you.

We have a 2011 Destination Yacht houseboat which had 2 factory rails you can see in the pictures. They were sturdy and looked great, but they had some drawbacks. They were very steep which meant that the tail of our 3-seater Yamaha’s were dragging in the water. We just spent a lot of money on new Waverunners, and didn’t want the jet thruster and steering mechanism getting all contaminated with moss and other growth. Secondly, while the factory rails were removable, they had to be stored on the upper deck in order for us to use our swim platform.

We did a search and found your website. It was easy to see that your design would keep our Waverunners out of the water, and we loved your tilt-up feature. As you can see in the pictures, we have a slide, so we had to get the rails out of the way to safely use the slide. With your design, we just tilt them up and start sliding! We use our swim deck a lot, so this is an important feature for us.

I wanted to add that I really appreciate how fast you communicate, how thorough your website and instructions are, and how much I appreciate the quality of your product. They look great and I am proud to show them off to my friends and other houseboaters at our marina.

Brian T.
Commercial Pilot


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