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 Last Updated: June 17, 2024

Tilt-Up Models - Fabrication Details

This page shows more detail relative to workmanship, welding, and attention to detail. Our fabrication and welding is automotive-quality. The aluminum components are laser-cut for precise fit. The result is a Rail System that you will be very proud to have on the back of your houseboat, dock, or yacht. And of course, it will make it easy to load, unload, and store your valuable PWC completely out of the water...always with you...always ready to launch and go!

NOTE: This website has a lot of pictures on it showing various configurations, finishes, and model upgrades. It is important that you know exactly what the current models look like. Before you place your order, please CLICK HERE to see the current model with white powder coated finish.


Bolting the Frame to your Houseboat or Yacht

3/8" Stainless Steel Carriage Bolts are included in the kit. There are 2 rows of 6 forward mounting holes in the Frame to accommodate the height of all swim platform steps, and 8 downward holes (hidden under the rail tubes in the right photo). Any combination of 4 forward, 4 down, or 2 each direction is all that is needed. See the Instructions for recommendations.

Safety Tether

When the Rails are tilted up, the gas-shock lift arms hold the Rails upright. The basic kit comes with 1 lift arm. You can get a second as an upgrade if you get the heavy duty Rails and want more lifting power.

For additional safety when tilted up, ALWAYS hook the cable on the cross-member as shown below, and snug it up with the Power-IN button. This will prevent unintentionally lowering the Rails which could hurt someone.


These Deluxe feature upgrades are normally $275, but FREE with June orders. The standard Rail tubes have an open end with a single-side pivot bracket and no nylon bushing. The rectangular tubing has a square edge while the deluxe rails have a rounded top edge which provides a broader surface against which your PWC will slide. White powder coating is optional but available in June for half price. Click here to see a complete powder-coated Rail.


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High-Deck Mounting Applications

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